The Girls
...that star in the clips;

Azumi, based on the A4 model with small perky breasts, tight butt, thin legs and very nicely proportioned frame, pale, smooth skin and strawberry blond hair. Virtual age: 19, Voice: sweet high-medium pitch.

Akumi's roots are in anime and fantasy, so she spends lots of time over at Demonic 3D. Though she is rather fond of the Royal Bengal Tiger and has been in scenes here with the Elephant, Bull, horses and the brown bear to name a few. I will be doing lots of work with her in the future.

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Jezzara is based on the V3 model with larger more natural breasts, she has a much more muscular physique and is taller than the other girls, her smooth dark skin map red eyes and chalk white hair clash rather nicely with the spider tattoo on her back. Virtual age: 24, Voice: Silky smooth slightly low-pitch.

Here she is sitting on a dragons head, why? cause she can, and that's not the only place she sits. she has screwed the arachnid, the raptor and the dragon several times, mostly 'animals' that needed to migrate here from demonic, but we have plans for her here too

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Serena is based on the V4 with fuller breasts and a more natural frame, slightly more tanned skin map for a good contrast to her bouncy blond shoulder length hair.; Virtual age: 25, Voice: smooth high-medium pitch.

Since I think of Serena as a out door kind of cow-girl, she's been in several scenes belly-riding with the P4 horse (though generally she's facing the horse in the clips unlike the pic here) as well as a scene with the Mill horse over a few bails of hey.  She is savaged by the Lion, pounded by the Elephant, humped by Flipper in a pool, she has also been in scenes with the Centaur as well as with other creatures such as the polar bear.

Serena is a nice cow-girl / farmhand character, and I have many plans for her.

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Monique is based on the V4 model with smaller perky breasts, a flat tight abdomen, long slender legs and the cutest little Goth face you have ever seen, she has dark strait shoulder length hair and pale creamy skin. Virtual age: 26, Voice: strong low-medium pitch.

A great scene with the Unicorn on an alter, she abuses the Crocodile, enjoys a swim with a persistent Ictiosaur (its a fish looking thing), gets bent over by the Dinophosaurus, takes advantage of the Polar Bear, has fun with Flipper, gets stretched by the little Elephants and screws the crap out of a crocodile. My favorite girl, she has fun with lots of the creatures.

Monique is our Goth chick and so is excellent with all the monsters and mutants over at Demonic 3D, more suited to the medieval sets I'd put her anywhere that needs a strong character.

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Based on the V4 model with a tight, toned figure, smallish perky breasts, white-red fairy hair and slick light skin color. Virtual age: 19, Voice: smooth medium pitch.

Very flexible model, she had to be, getting tag-teamed by the Bowhead Whales. She also has performances with the Bull, the Centaur, a reindeer, both the Q Ponies (at the same time), as well as the Unicorn and the Brown Bear to name a few.  She is an elf, incase you didn't notice the ears, suitable for the more truly fantasy clips over at Demonic, but fun with all the animals here too.

Our elf girl will suit the more fanciful monsters but I also think she will dabbled with any of the creatures that takes a liking to her.

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Gwen is based on the V3 model with full perky breasts a slightly muscular body, dark shoulder length hair and smooth tanned skin color. Virtual age: 23, Voice: shrill medium-high pitch.

Based on an older 3D design Gwen isn't as easy to manipulate as the other models but has many more morph targets to play with.  A slight Indian look to her she is more than suitable for any of the animals, she has swam with the Whale, been under the Bull, been pinned and ravaged by the Lion, humped by the Elephant and had a ride on the Charger horse to name a few of her encounters.

since I think of Gwen as a kind of Indian girl she will be working here with the animals more than the other creatures at the other place, but she is fair game for any creature who wants to take a shot.

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Akio is based on the A3 model, a new skin map with softer tones and a more realistic look compliments her tight thin physique. She has long red hair and long thin legs. Virtual age: 18, Voice: synth high pitch.

She is used by the Centaur and Monique gets to fire arrows at her, she is gang banged by the ponies and violated by the Rat, pumped by the Unicorn and used by the Q ponies.  She may suit the mythical creatures over at Demonic 3D more, but the contrast with some of these animals is irresistible

Akio is based on a hentia/cartoon girl and so is well suited to the more unrealistic creatures, a very easy model to manipulate, you can expect to see a lot more of her here.

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Victoria is directly based on the V4 model with slightly perkier breasts and a tighter abdomen, her slick realistic skin map goes well with her slender face and shoulder length red hair.  Virtual age: 21, Voice: cheeky smooth medium pitch.

Her scenes with the Polar Bear are particularly good, but she's also had sessions with the Charger horse, the ponies, the Centaur, she takes on the Centaur and the mill horse at the same time and is picked on by the Bull, she was one of my first models and has been in many other scenes with many other creatures.

Victoria is a good universal character, one of my first that suits most situations.

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