The Creatures

Some of the animals from my movie clips

The Elephant

Its a big horny elephant lol. These guys are huge, with big flexible dicks that flare out at the end. this one is as anatomically correct as I could manage, the girls have a real hard job of taking that big thing.

The Seal

A horny seal, swimming around, looking for hot girls to take advantage of, this one likes to play with Azumi.

The Rhinoceros

A big old rhino, been wanting to one for a while, this one is going to have some fun with the girls.

The Unicorn

A blend of a few different unicorn models I think I got the look like I wanted, anatomically he's much like a horse but with different coloring an a little more flexible.

The Crocodile

Yes, this is the actual crock that Monique molested, will have to look closer at their anatomy before I make more clips with this one.

P4 Lion

Our very own big horny Lion, anatomically correct even down to the little spines on his cock though that can be difficult to see when its locked in one of the girls.

The Centaur

A great hulking half horse man from mythic fantasy-fiction TV, that more than often, tends to pick on Akio, poor girl lol.

Charger Horse

Very plain horse, but easy to manipulate, tried to emulate the anatomy as closely as possible, its the same with all the horses here, their dicks 'flair' like a real horse.


Based on the P4 dolphin with anatomically correct parts -his penis flexes and withdraws into a fold in his abdomen, frisky little fellow who's very popular with the girls.

The Q series ponies

A little smaller than the horses lower down, but fun to animate and a good size for the smaller girls like Akio.

Polar Bear

As with all the animals I try to be as anatomically correct as I can, however a bears dick although long, is fairly thin and unimpressive, still I didn't see Serena complaining..

Bowhead Whale

This thing is just huge, I made it as close to anatomically correct as I could with little reference material, his dick is almost the same size as Victoria, doesn't stop her slipping on to it though.

The Brown Bear

similar to the polar bear in size the brown bear has a more humped back and defined features, you can generally find him with one of the girls in the woods or even making a house call on Elva. he is a horny old bear.

P4 Horse

Somewhat more detailed than the charger a humping machine, who has at this point been through most of the girls and left them dripping.

The Bull

Big muscular heavy bull, with a long pointy dick that slides into a sheath when not firmly implanted in one of the girls, a lot of fun to work with.

Mill Horse

Very detailed jet-black horse, not so good on the black background, but a lot of fun in the barn with the girls.

The Royal Bengal Tiger

All teeth and claws, and dick. Don't think there are any of these left in the wild any more, but you will still see this one, sneaking through the wilderness, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting girl.. and fuck the crap out of her. He is anatomically correct to a much better degree than our lion, but is a little more difficult to animate.

The Rat

A giant rat, has a kind of cartoon feel to it, has a long pointy dick that is not really anatomically correct, even considering its size, just something I wanted to see the girls play with.

The Giant Tarantula

Anatomically.. I have no idea how these creatures breed, however a pinkish pointy member protruding from the end of the abdomen seemed a natural choice, this one is particularly fond of 'poking' Akio.


Just a pre-historic fish with an interesting shaped nose.


King Kong, actually just a giant hairy ape, and hung like a.. giant hairy ape.


A pre-historic animal with a corkscrew pig like cock, fun.

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